United Kingdom 2017 / by Tim Harland

Dragon Teeth, Edinburgh Harbour

I travelled through the UK during June 2017, visiting England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen are packed into those tiny islands, especially the west coast of Scotland. I came away from the trip (which also included jaunts to the Republic of Ireland and the Faroe Islands) with a whole swag of stitching projects, including long stretches of hedge and stone wall which I'm very excited about. 

Another stitchable I'm thrilled about is the image above. It shows "dragon's teeth" at Cramond Island in the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. These are concrete pylons built as anti-boat & submarine defences during WWII, and they stretch for about a mile from the mainland to the island. I was lucky to be there at low tide but I only had a very short time to shoot them before I had to get to the airport. Also the sun was not my friend as it kept popping out from behind the clouds. But so far I'm very happy with the results, and I have about 4 more sections of this length to stitch together.

I'll be sharing more pictures from my UK, Ireland & Faroe trip soon.