Vanuatu and the volcano / by Tim Harland

Vanuatu volcano.jpg

Back in May 2017, I was lucky enough to travel to the Pacific nation of Vanuatu with my brother Chris. Its a beautiful place, made up of around 80 islands, but our goal was the volcano Mount Yasur, on the idyllic island of Tanna. We visited the volcano twice; firstly on the official, guided evening tour where you are driven by truck to the rim, and secondly when Chris & I climbed the cinder cone from the bottom to the smoking top. It is a humbling experience to say the least, to stand on the rim of an erupting volcano, feeling the mountain literally shake beneath your feet as lava erupts into the air, travelling far above your head in an explosion of sound and light. I shot a lot of photos, mainly long exposure to capture the dynamics of the eruptions. Also shot some anamorphic landscapes from the verandah of our accommodation, which was a bamboo hut less than 2kms from the volcano. One of the top 3 of my bucket list is now officially ticked off.

Vanuatu volcano anamorphic.jpg